About the Society of St.Vincent de Paul

Empowering Generational Change

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston is a grassroots, volunteer-based, direct-aid organization that helps people in need get back on their feet. We provide short-term financial, material, and emotional support and work person-to-person through advocacy, education and referral efforts to break cycles of poverty, empower people and promote self-sufficiency.


Faith. Hope. Love.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving the Greater Houston area since 1871.  We are part of a national organization and linked by the common mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. We are referred to as the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Council and are composed of 60 parish-based groups called Conferences. These independent groups of 5 to 100+ people, put their faith in action by responding to the needs of people in their local community. We, the Galveston-Houston Council, serve as a resource and support system for these Conferences.

The Society serves the needs of Greater Houston’s growing community by way of a centralized Call Center, a Food Network, that includes 34  Food Pantries plus two Food Depots®, and two Resale Shops. In addition to our Thrift Shops and Food Network, we provide a variety of support services including a Home Visit program, a Voucher Ministry, an Advocacy program, and through education and collaboration with other organizations of goodwill, we widen the reach of our network in order to mobilize positive change for those in need.

Going to Those In Need Since 1871.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston differentiates itself by its dedication to person-to-person service. We go out to those in need through our Home Visit Ministry, rather than requiring people to seek out our help. Volunteers at our Resale Shops, in our Pantries, and in our parishes start a dialogue with people and really get to know the people that we help.


We are Volunteer-based.

Our organization is composed almost entirely of volunteers who collectively dedicate thousands of hours of time and talent to support our mission and help people achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families.


We Empower People

Society of St. Vincent de Paul strives to promote self-sufficient, dignified living for all. Many times this means providing immediate assistance with financial needs, basic necessities, and emotional support. However, our main goal is to provide tools that help educate and often empower people to advocate for themselves and their families. These tools help promote a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

We Believe in Dignified Lives for All

The Society believes in helping all people regardless of race, religion or citizenship status. We do not discriminate. We offer confidential support services in a dignified way, because we believe these are things that all people deserve.

We Grow Spiritually Through Those We Help

We as volunteers actually have the most to gain. Being able to live the Gospel through kind and compassionate actions that make a direct positive impact on not just one person, but potentially generations of people, is the only thanks we need. We grow personally through our contributions to a growing community right here in the Greater Houston area.


Inspired by Gospel values, we grow spiritually through person to person service to all in need in our community.  Our actions promote the dignity of the person, alleviate suffering and distress, while addressing the conditions that cause them through systemic change.  Click here to read our national organization’s mission