Meet our Board of Directors

Names with an asterisk are non-voting members.

Carol Croom


Patricia Dornak

District 1 President

Don Beyer

District 6 President

Ann Schorno*

Executive Director

Gasper Mir, III

Vice President


District 2 President

Patricia Marin

District 7 President

Michael Zarich


Stacy Medrano

District 3 President

Michael Schillaci

At Large Member

Milista Anderson


Charles Blumentritt

District 4 President

Gerardo Rivera

At Large Member

Deacon Ed Herrera*

Spiritual Advisor

Ladd Puskus

District 5 President

Gregory George

At Large Member

Meet our Executive Team

The Society has a small, but dedicated team of staff members dedicated to servant leadership. Through spirituality, friendship, and service, we answer the call to help.

Ann Schorno

Executive Director

Pura Santangelo

Director of Vincentian Services

Marie Schwartz

Director of Programs

Nancy Garza

Director of Finance

Jenni Granero

Director of Development