Vincentian Reflections

Not too long ago, Martha visited one of our food pantries. Our Vincentians engaged with her in conversation and asked about her living situation. They asked Martha about her income, housing expenses, employment, education, familydynamics, community involvement, and more. 

The Vincentians learned that Martha was a parishioner who attended daily mass, was a teacher prior to retirement, and is bilingual. The Vincentians suggested she use her skills and knowledge to apply for an open bilingual position at the church.


They helped Martha with her resume and walked with her to the parish office to submit her application. Martha’s eyes lit up admitting she had not been thinking in a positive way. What was given to her that day was a touch of hope and a push for encouragement. 

The following week, one of the Vincentians was at mass and saw Martha. The Vincentian approached her and asked how she was doing. Martha, smilingly, said she was now working for an elderly lady in her neighborhood that needed evening companionship. 

This wonderful change in Martha’s life happened in less than one week. Not only has Martha’s life changed for the better, but so have the lives of the Vincentians. Their lives, too, have been enriched as they witnessed how the Holy Spirit works in glorious ways, motivating them to continue doing home visits and living our mission of person-to-person service.

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


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