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SVdP Programs

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is concerned not only with alleviating distress but also with identifying the conditions that cause it.

Gardens from above
Gardens from above
Gardens from above

Underserved Communities Initiative


This initiative includes a grant program that enables financially limited Conferences to offer financial assistance to neighbors in underserved areas during crisis and disaster.

Vincentians commit to building healthy, vibrant Conferences to continuously serve the Greater Houston area when these communities face hardships.


After being given the fish during crisis, the Society then focuses on teaching people how to fish to feed their families for a lifetime.

The Systemic Change Initiative includes three resiliency-building programs designed to change behavioral response to poverty.

Participants examine resources necessary to achieve goals of sustainability then design the roadmap to build a better future and lift themselves out of poverty.


Volunteers Packing Food
Packing Food in Boxes



Neighborhood pantries across the Greater Houston Area.

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