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Underserved Communities Grant Program

Where we serve determines what we see, and what we see ultimately shapes our actions as a Society. 


The Underserved Communities Initiative began in 2021 leveraging data from the

Distressed Communities Index, which is a tool for measuring the comparative economic well-being of U.S. communities. To illuminate ground-level disparities across the Greater Houston areas, a grant funding program was launched in May 2022; this funding for Conferences is designated ONLY to zip code areas identified as "at-risk" or "distressed" with the intent to prevent the number of unhoused children, families and senior citizens living on the streets of Houston. 

Zip code Areas

Only zip code areas identified as

"at-risk" and "distressed" are eligible.

Prevent Homelessness

>3.5K people have been kept in their homes instead of being unhoused and living on the streets of Greater Houston

Keep Children Safe 

>1.5K children were kept safe in their homes, schools, and communities.

5 - 10K 

Conferences in Phase I receive 10K

Conferences in Phase II receive 5K

Keep Utilities Connected

>1K families kept their utilities connected during a crisis

Keep Seniors Safe

>1K Seniors living on a fixed income were able to stay safe in their homes.

Preventing Homelessness Requires YOUR HELP

Your money helps keep children, families and seniors living on a fixed income stay in their homes during a crisis.

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