Donate to SVdP

Your Donations Have a Direct Impact

Individuals, families, corporations and other people of goodwill choose to donate to Society of St. Vincent de Paul because of the impact on those in need. The Society is set up as an agile network of local parish based Conferences and the Central Council that support the works of these groups. Our small but effective structure allows us direct connections with those in need as well as vast resources in terms of support and additional social agencies that can help us empower the needy towards self-sufficiency.


Why Make a Financial Donation?

Financial donations are vital to keeping Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston running and actively supporting our mission. Financial contributions are one of the easiest ways to help our organization reach more people in need of our help. There are many different ways to contribute a fully tax-deductible donation to our organization and 94 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston programs. Learn more about making a contribution.

Donate Goods

There are very few organizations that give goods away for free. We do. Many of the goods that you donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will go toward our Voucher Ministry program, where individuals and families in need are either visited by one of our volunteers or referred by someone to our organization. Goods are then offered to them free of charge in a confidential and dignified way. Learn more about donating your goods.


Donate Through Day to Day Living

Visit the sites below and you can sign up with our community partners. A percentage of every online and grocery purchase will effortlessly go toward helping the Society fund its essential programs.

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Vehicle Donations Can Help Someone Toward Self-Sufficiency

Proceeds from vehicles donated to Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston will go directly to programs that help people get back on their feet and move forward. Find out how to donate a vehicle.

Corporate Giving

We are in the community and giving back to our own community. The people we are helping could be your neighbor, someone that works for you or right along-side you. There are many ways for corporations to get involved and make a direct impact on people who are suffering. Food and Clothing Drives, Payroll Deductions, Matching Gift programs and  Organized Volunteer Programs are just a few ways that corporations can get involved with Society of St. Vincent de Paul Galveston-Houston.  Learn more about how your involvement can impact our community.