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Society of St. Vincent de Paul Replaces More than a Broken Dining Table Through Voucher Program

"My old table is broken," Patricia* said on the phone.

She called the Society to ask if we could help her with a table. Two of our Vincentians immediately sprung into action and scheduled a Home Visit that same afternoon. When they entered Patricia's small, one-bedroom apartment, they were able to engage her in conversation to learn more about her needs. Patricia worked as a dishwasher in the Houston Medical Center and her husband struggled to stay employed because of his medical condition. Throughout the entire home visit, Patricia kept a smile on her face while telling her story.

"We make enough to pay our apartment and bills. Whatever we have leftover, we use to put food on the table and now we don't even have a table. All my furniture you see here, I've picked up from the dumpster," admitted Patricia. 

Patricia, her husband, and daughter shared a single mattress. The living room couch, used by her older son, doubled as a bed. She never asked for anything other than a dining table, but our Vincentians could see her needs. They told Patricia they would be able to help the family with more than a table. Our Vincentians contacted our Vincentian Service Center and placed an order for new beds, a dining table with chairs, and a couch. Patricia hugged the Vincentians and thanked them for their help.

"We'll remember you in our prayers. Thank you for helping us and may God bless you to continue helping others like." 

Patricia is only one of the many phone calls we receive everyday. This holiday season, please consider hosting a furniture drive or donating your gently used furniture to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. With your support, we can continue helping families, like Patricia's, live with dignity.

- Click here to learn more about our Furniture Voucher program.

- Click here to donate furniture or host a furniture drive.

- Click here to donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


About the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP): The Society is a faith-based nonprofit organization helping economically disadvantaged families in the greater Galveston-Houston area since 1871. We are a network of 58 parish-based chapters with over 1,900 Vincentian volunteers performing Home Visits every day. Stories are submitted monthly by our Vincentians. *Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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