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Modern Day Good Samaritans Provide Friendship and Service

Mother holding two-month old baby.
Mother holding two-month old baby.

Last Friday, the Society received a call from an anxious and stressed mother. Mary* and her husband were out of money because they were repairing their only working vehicle and needed help paying their hotel room.

The couple's hotel was in an area served by another parish, but the hotel bill needed to be paid for by noon. Two Vincentians from different parishes decided to team up for a Home Visit and help the stranded family.

"Her story echoed the Gospel reading about the Good Samaritan who gives two silver coins to the innkeeper to take care of a stranger," recall the Vincentians.

The following Saturday morning, the Vincentians met with Mary and her two-month old child. The father was too ill that morning to visit. The Vincentians brought two bags of food, the financial resources to pay for the room, and their hearts and ears to listen to the couple's story.

"We live in the hill country but came to town for medical treatment for my husband. We used to live and work in League City. We were flooded by Harvey and lost our possessions. Then, my husband contracted a disease and had his lower leg amputated five days after Harvey. The hospitalization generated a huge medical debt which we could not pay. He couldn't return to his refinery job so we relocated to the hill country where he got suitable work," recounts Mary.

The Vincentians kept in touch with the couple until Monday, the day their car was finally repaired. Before the couple returned back to the hill country, they called the Vincentians and thanked them for all their help.


*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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