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The Hotel Job Interview

Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

We had a gentleman enter our Resale Shop in Bellaire. He was pretty down on his luck, homeless, staying from place to place, and desperate for something to wear to his interview for a hotel job the next day. After hearing his story, we offered him a Clothing Voucher.

We set him up with slacks, a nice shirt, and a few other items. We usually don’t include a tie in the voucher, but we went ahead and got him one for his interview.


A few weeks later, a well-dressed gentleman walked in. At first, we did not recognize him but after a couple of minutes, it hit us! He was the same gentleman who walked in weeks ago looking for clothes for an interview.

We didn't recognize him because he was well shaven, cleaned up, and in nice apparel. He had stopped by because he wanted to thank us for helping him.

"I got the job at the hotel and am doing very well. I'm even looking forward to a promotion," he said with a big smile.

The gentleman was in a hurry so he couldn’t stay long. His goal for the day was to go to all of the places that helped him along the way, including the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. His next stop - Catholic Charities.

"I couldn’t have gotten this far without your help," said our friend.


Story was submitted by our Resale Shop Manager.

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