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In-Kind Donations

Give your gently-used clothing, furniture, or other items a second chance by donating them to the Society. Your donations can be just what a family in your community needs. Review our donation guidelines before donation.


There are two ways to donate to the Society: 

  1. Drop off your items at one of our Resale Shops. 

  2. Drop off your items in one of our donation bins.



Due to increasing fuel prices and other factors, we are temporarily stopping donation pickups until further notice. Until then, we have partnered with Re-Supply to pick-up your donations for a small fee.


We encourage you to drop-off your donations at one of our two resale shops or our donation bins. Your in-kind donations support our Voucher Program, which helps families with clothing, furniture, and household items.


We have such great donors and want you to know how much we appreciate you and your donations.  The money we save on fuel and other expenses will go into our programs.  Did you know? For every dollar saved we can provide five meals to those in need.

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