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Systemic Change Initiative 

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Poverty is more than just a financial issue; it is a lack of resources to live a healthy life- physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) nationally recognizes systemic change as the intention to shift adverse conditions and support the strengths and assets of people that result in a successful state of living. This requires adjustments and transformations in individuals’ behaviors, social norms, and attitudes that lie beneath the societal issue.


SVdP Resiliency Programs are designed in three phases- Getting Ahead Program, Getting Ahead Graduate Program, and Getting Ahead Alumni Program. These programs are designed as part of the Systemic Change Initiative to holistically address the causes of poverty rather than just the symptoms. Participants are enrolled into a cohort bi-annually and gradually create new strategies to change the structures that have historically kept them in poverty. 


What are the Getting Ahead Program graduates saying?

Milena said, "I learned so much. You learn these things throughout your life, but you don’t really get the debt-to-income ratio, which is cliché. To have these people, this pipeline, this connection, means so much to you even if it's an offer to pray for you. Sometimes, you don't even have friends that pray for you. So, to know these strangers were pouring so much into you when you’re empty...It's beautiful to know something like this exists. I’m like I can be successful and pour back into the program. I can't wait!"


1. Join along in prayer for the program and all those involved; click HERE


2. Share the Brochure and Poster with your parish; applications are currently being accepted for the January 2024 session.


For more information on the Getting Ahead program contact:

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