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Systemic Change Initiative 

Poverty is more than a financial state, it’s a lack of resources.  During weekly sessions, we discuss poverty, identify resources and assess the community we each live in.  Participants do a self-evaluation and are able to see where they are lacking those resources and what they would like to change.  We show them how to plan backward, set a SMART goal, and show them it’s possible to change- one step at a time.

We had the pleasure of hosting another Getting Ahead Graduation. 

Nineteen Investigators completed the 16-week online course and were invited to participate in the new Graduate program set to begin in January.

The Graduate program will continue to follow our Investigators and offer workshops with the community organizations to help each one not only work towards their goals but also to build their Social Capital.


What are the graduates Saying?

Milena said, "I learned so much. You learn these things throughout your entire life but you don’t really get the debt to income ratio and it's cliché. To have these people, this pipeline, this connection, means so much to you even if it's an offer to pray for you.  Sometimes, you don't even have friends that pray for you. So, to know these strangers were pouring so much into you, when you’re empty...It's beautiful to know something like this exists. I’m like I can be successful and pour back into the program. I can't wait!"

Your generosity is the first bridge for families on the road to self-sufficiency. $1,000 will help a family facing eviction be able to remain in their home. $250 will bring a family’s electricity bill up to date so that they can live comfortably. $100 feeds a family of four for a week. $50 will assistant an individual helping to become more self-sufficient by attending a 16 week “Getting Ahead” course curriculum.



1. Join us in Prayer for the program and all those involved:


2. Share the Brochure and Poster with your parish- we are currently accepting referrals for the January session!


For more information on the Getting Ahead program contact us at:

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