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Why use CMS?


  • Automate and simplify the filing of the Monthly Conference Reports and provide consistency in reporting among all conferences in the archdiocese.

  • Maintain searchable records of the assistance provided to the needy for both tracking by the Conference and more simplified audits by the Council.

  • Provides demographic and financial information to the Council for use in obtaining grants and funds to be distributed to the Conferences and utilized by the Council to help those in need.

  • Simplifies bank account reconciliation by the Conference.

  • Simplifies Food Pantry reporting.

CMS 4.0 Browser Edition

  • Supported Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

  • Supported Operating Systems (OS): Windows 8 or Higher, Mac OS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS

  • It is highly suggested that you bookmark the CMS 4.0 direct link ( or the CMS Support Community for quick access