About the Black Bag Collection

In 1833, our founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and the original members realized they needed money to fund their good works of charity. Because the giving capacity of the members varied, they decided to pass around a simple black bag so that each member could give what they could afford to give. Today, we continue this tradition.


This year's Black Bag Collection will be held the weekend of July 10-11, 2021. The theme is "Embrace the stranger and serve them with love."

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How to Donate

The special collection will take place during mass in every parish of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston the weekend of July 10-11, 2021. 


You can also donate online, by phone, or by mailing a check to our office. Please include Black Bag in the memo. 

Spirituality of the Black Bag

Yes, there is a spirituality of the Black Bag. Just as the spirit of charity moves among us all, the passing of the Black Bag in parishes, companies and neighborhoods is passed from hand to hand.


As we act, one in the spirit of giving, the simple black bag is transformed into something beautiful and deeply spiritual among friends. We should all be aware of the joy in giving to the Lord. 

How will the funds be used?

Despite being closely tied to the Archdiocese, the Society does not receive funding from the Diocesan Service Funds (DSF) like some of our sister organizations.


The funds collected during this single weekend play a crucial role in the Society’s ability to fund our Vincentian Services Center, Food Network Ministry, Voucher Ministry, Home Visits, and more.