Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Leadership

Our dedicated Board Members, Staff, Donors and Volunteers give us the ability to uphold our mission of person-to-person service.

Board of Directors

Carol Croom, President

Executive Committee
Member since 08/2011

Ann Schorno, Executive Director

Executive Committee, Non-Voting Member
Member since 05/2010

Cynthia Viator, 1st Vice President

Executive Committee
Member since 2009

Beth Phillips,  2nd Vice President

Executive Committee
Member since 2016

Michael Zarich, Treasurer

Executive Committee
Member since 2012

Gerardo Rivera, Secretary

Executive Committee
Member since 09/2013

Deacon David Garvis, Spiritual Advisor

Non-Voting Member
Member since 01/2013

Fran McConnell, District 1 President

Member since 05/2011

Ada Lewis, District 2 President

Member since 11/2015

Patrick Dyer, District 3 President

Member since 2008

Schottsie Hill, District 4 President

Member since 2011

Juanita Unate, District 5 President

Member since 2000

Don Beyer, District 6 President

Member since 10/2008

Patricia Marin, District 7 President

Member since 1997

Michael Schillaci, At Large Member

Member since 09/2012

Senior Staff

Ann Schorno, Executive Director

Betty Ann McNair, Director of Finance and Human Resources

Laura Schlameus, Director of Development

Marie Schwartz, Director of Programs

Pura Santangelo, Director of Vincentian Services