Conferences of Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The vocation of the Society’s members, who are called Vincentians, is to follow Christ through service to those in need and so bear witness to His compassionate and liberating love. Members show their commitment through person-to-person contact. Vincentians serve in hope.  Rule, Part 1, 1.2

P1000271pictured: One of our newest Conferences – Holy Family in Galveston

Galveston-Houston Council Composed of 60 Conference Groups

Linked by the common mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, there are 60 Conferences operating throughout the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.  These are groups of 5 to 100+ people putting their faith into action by responding to the needs of people in their local community, regardless of race, creed, age or status.

The three goals of a Conference are the spiritual growth of the members, developing friendship among the members and with those in need, and serving people with compassion, generosity, and respect.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conferences are Independent, Autonomous and Innovative

Within the policies of the International Society and the directives of the Galveston-Houston Council each Conference operates independently, resulting in a wide variety of consistent and innovative services and programs which address the specific needs of the local community.  Such services include food pantries, resale stores, referrals to other resources, spiritual and financial assistance.

The core of Vincentian activity is the home visit, where two members of the Society go to the home of an individual or family to talk with them, pray with them, assess their needs, give referrals and provide assistance, such as paying an electric bill or providing food.  Most often, the assistance given is temporary to help an individual or family over a “bump in the road”.  In certain cases, the Conference may commit to a longer period of assistance to help lift a family out of a continuing struggle that has a foreseeable end.

Join Your Local Conference in Action

We encourage you to join the 1,800+ members who visit people in their homes, work in our Resale Stores, and stock our 34 food pantries. You, too, could be one of the volunteers who say, “I get so much more than I ever give”.

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If you are interested in learning more about how to become a Vincentian, please call our Director of Vincentian Services at 832-538-0324 or email to learn more.